Busty model treats Halloween Rat!

This halloween update comes from our friends at 1byday.

Get ready for Halloween with newcomer Tigerr Benson as this very busty Asian beauty finds herself chained up in the spooky dungeon of the Pumpkin Fiend and his sidekick Nasty Rat.

With spiders and bats adorning her holiday wear, Tigerr writhes against her bonds, giving us nice views of her pierced pussy.

Somehow or other she manages to escape confinement, teasing both us and the Pumpkin Fiend with her huge dark-nippled boobs. Nasty Rat gets the best of the deal, though, as she lets him clamp his sharp teeth on her teats. (Rest assured, this rodent is made of rubber!!) She swaps spit with the creature, then focuses on masturbating herself with a bone from a conveniently placed skeleton on the mud floor.

You’ll be ready to say “trick or treat” when you see Miss Tigerr, and we bet you’ll be a good boy so she gives you a treat!!

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Neapolitan spank party! [Part 3]

We’re back again with the naughty antics of Denisa and Sasha on House of Taboo!

Good Golden gravy!

This time Denisa Heaven decides to give Linet a good old fashioned pissing as she straddles her from above, lets her golden fluid flow, and calls her a dirty bitch! Linet lays their writhing and bound. Her body soaked and glistening in the liquid. Denisa and Sasha sit by in their thrones watching her, and then take off to go make love somewhere.

Completely sinister!

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A lovely leak from Lithuania!

Okay ladies and gentleman, you might want to strap yourself into your seats for this one.

What you’re about to see is one of the most gorgeous human beings ever sighted in this part of the universe, in skin tight latex and being just a naughty, naughty girl!

Welcome newcomer Tina Kay to the House of Taboo!

Words are difficult to come in the description of Tina as her beauty is completely captivating. Beautiful green eyes that peer straight into your soul, silky brown hair with strips of blonde perfectly placed, candy lips, and a body that looks as if it were molded by the gods themselves.

All dressed up in latex and popping her booty out for us. Latex thigh high boots and black garters add an extra dimension to her stunning aura, and a mirror makes her double the fun! Literally you could jerk off to her and her twin! You’re gonna wish you had two dicks instead of one!

She plays with her sweet papaya in the mirror and then suddenly starts leaking, oh my gosh, she just pissed for us! Hurry, hurry, someone capture all of that good liquid, I’m sure it’s tasting like a vanilla treat and probably gives you super powers too!

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A lovely leak from Lithuania!

Frying pan to the fanny! [Part 2]

Zorah White is back from her frying pan on the bum excursion and Frank Gun is on the scene to make sure the big booty maid is taking care of her chores!

Ever use someones face as a towel holder for cleaning up a mess? Well that’s how Zorah is dominated right at the beginning and when Frank’s tea doesn’t taste right it just escalates from there!

Once Frank’s got Zorah by the reigns he flips her over on the table has a few licks of her apple pie and then pinches her little clitty and tugs on it! He bends her over the table doggy as well and mixes up her stew by giving her a shocker via two fingers in the ass and a wooden spoon in her bum! Then he fucks and shocks her with the ends of a can opener and we can see the hot creme oozing out of her juiced up bald muffin!

Wow does she give another vision completely to what our can openers can be used for! I think I like opening up a can of Zorah any day over pork and beans!

On her knees bobbin Frank’s banana is the next task for the blonde haired vixen, and that’s something she doesn’t seem to foul up! Frank gives her a little test though and puts an egg in her mouth, and binds her hands. We are left with her mascara soaked pretty face staring at the camera and waiting for the return of her master!

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Unleash the Tigerr!

House of Taboo really heats it up with this outdoor scene featuring hardcore queen Tigerr Benson!

No wonder she’s called Tiger, this horny black haired Asian fuck machine is just ferocious!

Wearing black latex thigh high slip on boots with a top thats already pulled down below her awesome watermelons she pops boners like a microwave pops corn!

Doggy style position is how she welcomes us in, and her little brown coconut winks at us while her clean shaven vertical smile with dangling piercing says hello.

A couple of big, black rubber dongs by her side are about to venture into her world and feel her heat! The expedition begins and the entrance to her inner sanctums becomes moist and glistened with love juices flowing and big black rubber rowing its way inside.

Her juicy thighs look incredibly delectable with her boots propped up in the air and her pussy in full view for our peepers. My goodness it looks like you could just slap that thing with your tongue and have it soaked in honey.

If I had a tongue like a chameleon I would just flick it to her sweet juicy hole, pull out some nectar, and continuously drain her until all that honey was all in my mouth! The DDF cameras roll in from her back and her side while both lucky rubber pricks have their way with the Tigerr.

Her flower Tattoo seems to be like a welcoming mat for visitors and the two rubber bandits are sure enjoying their stay! I think this scene deserves a Tiger roar, and an extra few tugs as an encore!

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Neapolitan spank party! [Part 2]

The three mega horny vixens are back and they are definitely on the attack!

Last we left Linet she was bound by her legs and feet and getting that fine ass of hers spanked up by Denisa and Sasha, as well as getting a big black rubber dildo drilled into her mouth.

This scene opens up with the girls smacking Linets tits with a flogger while she’s on her back. She has a buttplug in her taut little asshole and is wearing a strap-on. Things are about to get interesting! Linets moans are annoying Sasha so she fills her mouth with the fat rubber prick and bores it out. Then in an artful way, Sasha takes off her heels opens Linets mouth with them before deciding to shut her up by squatting on her face!

Oh man, Linet just goes to town licking her gorgeous shaved box, straight from candy land!

Denisa is busy on the other end fucking her pussy and asshole. I’m not sure this is torture anymore!

Sasha gets mad and tells Linet “Lick my pussy bitch”, then a condom goes over the strap-on while the girls get to fuckin! First Denisa rides it, then Sasha takes it in her ass with a sideways reverse cowgirl. We got some awesome shots of her peachy puss while its sliding in and out of her.

If you haven’t jerked off at least twice by know to these honeys, give yourself a gold star!

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Neapolitan spank party! [Part 1]

Let your eyes and your taste buds behold the power of the Mistress and Slave session we have captured here on House of Taboo at DDF!

Your senses are about to be blown away, by a redhead, brunette, and a blonde!

Yes you heard that right, it’s like a Neapolitan ice cream dessert, only it never melts!

It looks like one of our favorite brunette babes “Linet“, is the slave this time! Check out some of her other sets on DDF, she’s a voluptuous vixen with many hidden talents!

The two starlets Mistress-ing her into spank submission are Denisa Heaven (the redhead) and Sasha Rose (the blonde).

These honey bunnies get down and dirty as they tie Linet up real good to a coffee table and play some bondage games with her while her sweet snapper and anus are exposed in the doggy position!

The girls take turns flogging her firm tight ass and insert the handle of the flogger straight up her pooter. It dangles their like a mini tail while they simultaneously smack that ass from either end.

Then they jam a big black kong dong in her mouth and flip her over to reveal that she’s wearing a strap-on! I’m guessing one of these girls is gonna ride that rubber dick till she cums….or maybe both of them will! Or perhaps one of them will sit on her face and burn rubber on her nose with their clit, now theres an idea!

Hmmmm, we will have to wait and see until the next episode, so stay tuned!

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The Devil’s detachable tail!

Either Halloween is coming early here at DDF or we just inherited a smoking hot She-Devil!

Wait till you get a load of this scorching set by Angelica Heart in her latex tape outfit that barely covers anything, just the way we like it!

Everything about her exudes eroticism, and she really takes it to the next level with her shiny red buttplug devil tail!

From her stunning blue peepers to her long silken crimson red locks, she is a human ball buster in the best way. Getting ultra kinky in this scene though!

Her buttplug is good and tight inside her sphincter and she pulls out a super massaging vibrator and tickles her taut, trimmed, tanned pussy until she needs to piss!

Yep, even the devil needs to take a leak every once and awhile!

She even has her own bed pan where X marks the spot! When a devil is blinded with lust the butthole tail guides her to her little tray, but unfortunately sometimes the tail gets tinkled on.

Well Ms. Angelica, no worries there, I’m sure you have plenty of volunteers to lick both that tail and your cooter nice and clean!

Dirty little devil, somebody needs to stick her with their poker. Me, me, me, me!

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Her butthole has company! [Part 3]

Back for a third time with Ivana Sugar the little bow wow slave girl of Master David Perry and lets see if she’s been a good little hot blonde.

Gagball in mouth is not enough as Perry thinks she needs another layer to keep her whimpering down and ties some dirty panties around her mouth! All chained up and gagged he decides to give Ivana a treat for hangin in there and though she’s still completely in submissive mode, and chained up he pops her onto his pop reverse cowgirl style and fucks her good while rubbing on that clit!

After a while he decides to treat her like a pet again and bends her over in the doggy, tightens her leash and sticks it straight in her asshole. To throw in some humiliation he has her lick his shaft clean with an ATM blowjob and then gives her an outlaw look again with the panties in her face!

This beauties been well juiced and cummed on by the time its all over, some serious roughing up right here, I guess for some regular ole missionary just doesn’t do it anymore!

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