Deep jungle pussy punishments!

House of Taboo really takes it to another level with this HOT prisoner of war bondage scene featuring Tess and Shannon Reid!

In the lush green opening scene we find Shannon Reid bound to some bamboo by her arms and legs and her nipples pinched between a couple of wooden torture twigs (they are SWOLLEN and juicy from the pressure!).

Tess shows up as her captor, looking ridiculously hot in some camo bikini and doo rag on her head, and the look on her face says she means business!

With a bamboo switch she continuously taps Shannon‘s thighs and exposed cunnie over and over as well as smacking her nipples up before releasing them of their joyous anguish.

Next is a wicked jungle spanking on Shannon‘s sunburnt ass, all the while groping and licking it as well!

The delightful moans coming from Shannon will send your cyclops into spitter mode quickly, so beware! Tess, you are one hell of a commando, and I think I speak for us all when I pull out my soldier and coax YOU to command IT!!

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Her butthole has company! [Part 1]

Meet Ivana Sugar. A sweet, innocent looking blonde girl from the Russian Federation that has become a submissive sex slave for Mr. Black, aka David Perry, a high powered entrepreneur who likes to plug buttholes on his spare time.

In this 3 part series you will have a massive glimpse into his horny pastimes and Ivana Sugar’s submissive anal behaviors!

We open up the scene here with Mr. Black coming home from the office. His little slave girl dressed in red tights, black top, ankle chains, handcuffs, and a ball gag complete with doggy leash. In her hands is a precarious tray, riddled with various sexual instrumentation’s. Mr. Black wants to kick back and relax for awhile so he coddles his little bound slave girl to his favorite couch where he can rest his feet on her back, have her sniff his shoes like a dog and finger her puckered asshole at his leisure.

Resting the tray of goodies on her back while she kneels like his pet he then picks a HUGE black butt plug and slides into her well gaped anus as he twiddles it back and forth with his shoes. A bit more ass gaping and Mr. Black decides it’s time to play with the Ben Wah balls at the expense of Ivana‘s bright red asshole, and it’s only the beginning, stay tuned for what’s coming soon!

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The taming of the Tatas [Part 3]

Last we left these babes, Kora was getting her titties tortured by Anais Hills!

Well her meaty globes are still screaming from the pressure of the ropes!

She was also fucked by a mechanical dick, and now is about to be probed with some spacey looking scientific hand!

Holy smokes, it actually induces her into a pissing frenzy! Could you imagine that? Just insane, unless your into golden showers, then your gonna love this last series shoot!

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The taming of the Tatas [Part 2]

When we last lefty these lovely big boobed babes, Kora was getting her titties tortured by Anais Hills!

Well her meaty globes are still screaming from the pressure of the ropes, but don’t they look so darn suckable! Yes they sure do!!

I’ll bet if you popped your mouth on those bad boys you could get a few drizzles of milk!

But in case you couldn’t, I have a feeling the mechanical dildo that Anais is fucking her with here will surely produce some milky white liquids you could enjoy as a refreshment! Lesbian domination at it’s finest!

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Bungee pissing from trees!

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, we bring ya the newest water sports pastime!

Picture this! One of the hottest girls in DDF, wait let me go ahead and just say one of the hottest girls in the world!

That would be Tess!

Okay so she’s pissing while suspended and bound onto a wooden platform bed in the woods, and having control over the elasticity of that piss, via her own gooey mixture of pre-cum!

I personally didn’t even see her drizzle, I heard she did, but every time I look at her pictures I’m mesmerized by her stunning beauty, amazing tits and a punani I would eat for breakfast , lunch, dinner, dessert, in between snacks, and just for the fuck of it! One look and you’ll know exactly why I’m so damn hungry right now!

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Crucified by the penis [Part 3]

The last time we saw Alexa with Nick Lang, she was being crucified by the cock!

Well, were back on scene and she’s still got those arms bound, and her legs too! Being dominated and humiliated, and obviously loving it!

She’s being drilled from behind, with perfect views of her trimmed twat receiving its hard prick! Then like a good little slave girl she cleans the cum off Nick’s dick, or better yet, she’s forced to suck it off!

Deep penetration in the reverse cowgirl with some super twat shots and hip gyrating ensue, all the while with her arms outstretched! Someone’s gonna be sore in the morning!

But not as sore as her asshole when Nick jams his hard prick in their furiously in several deep penetration positions!!

Turns into a SUPER creampie! But it’s not over until Alexa finishes it off with an ass to mouth tasting, and is left laying bound and worn the fuck out!

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The taming of the Tatas [Part 1]

Mistress Anais doesnt take to the idea of another women having bigger tatas then she does, so in this House of Taboo set watch her get revenge on Kora and her big ole bamboochas!

Strapped and bound to an iron gate in her backyard, Mistress Anais gets going with some good nipple twisting torture.

My, my, Kora does have some beautiful round globes, I guess we can see why Anais needs to take her out of the picture and show everyone that it is she that has the most nuzzable Hills!

Her breasts are tied up tight and clamped with industrial nipple clampers, seemingly ready to pop at anytime, but also becoming juicier and juicier to the eyes!

A little vibrator action on her puss and penelopes before some tasty twat licking to sooth her pains, right before ….well, you must come back for part two to hear the rest of Mistress Anais shenanigans!

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Jelly doughnut anyone? [Part 2]

Dirty hardcore babe Bernice is back for part two of her DDF hardcore set, and she is really out to be crowned ” Queen of Nasty”. This sets so nasty that I seriously had to just run right through it!

You’ll have your fill of pussy lip gaping, clothing pin twat pulls, bloody period in a cup, nipple and tongue pinching, just tons of self humiliation going on here!

At one point Bernice just cloth pins her kisser. Doesn’t bother her one bit!

While her twats pinched closed, she puts the plastic syringe in her butthole then pulls it out and squirts red and blue paint all over her body. Thanks goodness! I thought that might be blood in one of the cups. Leaving her body just a dirty painted mess she double clamps her bat wings again and calls it a day!

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Crucified by the penis [Part 2]

Last we saw Alexa and Nick, the blond beauty in corset was in a crucifix position while Nick was popping his prick in and out of her gaping mouth. We return to the show and this time Alexa is propped on a bug red sofa prop and Nick is jamming a big black dildo in the vixens mouth!

After a few licks of her mouthwatering nicely trimmed twat, he begins to enter her vagina with the black dildo. That sucker has a grip handle on it, for maximum thrust action! Resting the wooden stick on her legs while she is spread, high heels in the air, he penetrates her and she must keep the stick balanced, while the dildo hangs from her asshole and his fingers twiddle inside of her tang! As if that wasn’t enough she also gets a mouthful of dick!

The stick is back across her arms and she gets bent over for another good dildo plowing from the rear to wrap up this wicked House of Taboo set!

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