Jelly doughnut anyone? [Part 1]

Bernice from Budapest brings out the B, in bloody tampon!

This tall slim and sexy chica gets a little preoccupied in this solo scene as she fiddles with a syringe!

Some kind of infatuation she’s got with it, pressing it against her little nipples, in between the folds of her pussy, in her mouth twiddling with her tongue ring.

Seems like she wants an injection of a sort. Well how about a hot beef one Bernice, smothered in tartar sauce? Plenty of guys out there would be willing to give you one of those!

Well I thought this might be all about syringe fetish here, but as the camera pans down we see a suspicious string dangling from her bald beaver!

Low and behold, after a few shots from the front and the rear and a snug tug of that little rope, wallah! A bloody used tampon appears! A bloodsuckers dream!

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Crucified by the cock [Part 1]

Blindfolded and bound by her master, Alexa is about to get a mouthful of hot cock from Mr. Nick Lang.

She was a bad girl when her Master told her not to use her hands the last time she was bobbin on his banana, so Nick takes a stick and binds her to it crucifixion style.

Alexa‘s looking pretty solid in her black and white bustier and sleek heels, and she is enjoying each and every one of her masters commands. On her knees and just having her mouth stuffed like a turkey, and nope, no possibility to use those hands!

Looking forward to seeing Nick ram that nice tight trimmed twat of hers in the next episode so be sure to come back for part 2!

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Though shall spank thee [Part 2]

We’re back again to the outdoor setting where sister Linet was having her way with Victoria Blaze after she confessed her weekend antics.

The heat is about to be turned up as Linet reads a secret script tattooed on Victoria‘s back and it releases a sex demon that possesses Victoria and has her choking Linet and stuffing a bible in her mouth! Then she does a strip tease for the sister and flips up her skirt, what’s this?

The sister isn’t wearing panties! Nice trimmed twat revealed!

But Victoria is not having this and bend’s Linet over to smack that ass up with the bible! Oh my! Victoria wants to feel that smooth bum on her hand, so she ditches the bible and goes bareback on Victoria‘s bottom!

Even gapes her asshole and pussy! Wow, what a reversal! The battle of horny and hornier!

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Naughty nurse gets freaky with it!

Katy Caro is as hot and naughty as they get in the operating room. When we say operating room, we mean, anywhere she decides to break out her ultra kinky fetishes!

But in this case, it’s an all white room, curtains, tables, chairs, everything’s white accept for Katy’s candy stripper top, and pink panties which she quickly peel’s off showing us her cleanly shaven fuck box.

Laying back on the operating table she don’s a pair of pink gloves and goes into her vagina to see if she can find an orgasm. Her juicy pussy looks so tight, but she manages 4 fingers in their, barely! Moaning and panting the whole time, with super HD closeups of that very lick-able puss of hers.

Legs spread eagle she massages her aching clit. Bent over, even better spanking and squeezing her own ass, creamy thighs dressed by white pantyhose, you could just imagine grabbing those hips and sinking your heat-seeker into her wet snatch from behind and JUST dropping it in and out!

Top comes off and titties come out!

It’s time for a little procedure as she pops a culture test tube into her twat and you get a super view of her tongue-able asshole and tasty little clit—as if you were right there with your eyeball up to it!

Beautiful operation Katy, just beautiful!

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Though shall spank thee [Part 1]

Victoria’s been a very very bad girl and sister Linet is just not having it.

You see, every weekend Victoria goes out and indulges herself in all kinds of good XXX action and fun. Sunday morning she comes to see the sister and confess, and this happens every week!

Well, this week, sisters gonna teach her a lesson with the book of Psalms!

Victoria sits in her regular spot in the courtyard with pigtails in her hair and a white blouse with her black lace bra revealing itself. Already a no no for sister Linet, but she even goes as far as wearing a black and white plaid mini skirt with heels showing off those gorgeous tanned legs of hers, perfect for flipping over her head!

WAIT! What’s this!

The sister has a naughty outfit of her own, goodness! Some hot action awaits as the sister scolds Victoria and gives her a few love slaps before she bends her over, flips up her skirt and starts beatin’ that ass with her bible!

We get some great zoomed in views as sister goes in for the thrill and starts , wait….what!! Licking her ass?? Oh man, things are about to get Craaaaazy, don’t miss part 2!

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Give her twat a helping hand!

When Bettina DiCapri asks for a helping hand, she means it literally!

This young Hungarian babe puts the T in tasty as she shows up here in a full black fishnet dress over her bra and see through panties. The devilish grin on her face tells us she means business and the studded choker around her neck tells us its gonna be kinky business for sure!

Staring with a lusty gaze at the camera she starts stripping away her fishnet materials and revealing to us her tight tanned body parts.

Schwing! Ive already sprung wood!

The combo of her netted material , sexy G string and that insatiable body will have your swimmers heading right to the top of your penile projection in a hurry!

After many sensual poses she grabs herself a magic lamp which contains an oily lubricant that she lathers all over her skin, letting it drizzle across her pert nipples and down to her hairy bush! The DDF camera grabs some amazing shots of her pussy from below and her pouty lips and black ravenous hair brushing her boobs.

It’s almost as if you’re under her and the juices are dripping from her clit into your hungry mouth! What awaits us from here is a multi-position solo fist fucking you wont want to miss! That pussy of hers sure has an appetite!

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Terminator has a sweet tooth!

This scene is Cherry Jul’s first experience with bondage and submission.

Watch how she absolutely loved it!

The episode begins with Cherry waiting patiently for her master to arrive. Her heavy breathing in itself will turn you on ridiculously. She is chilled with anticipation, well oiled up and all holes are ready to serve. Master first warms her up with his little spanker as he taps her twat with it a few times and she begs for more.

Master makes use of her open mouth first by cleaning off his cock on her tongue after taking a wizz. Then he binds her up ,gets her all locked in place with his wicked bondage gear, and forces her open welcoming mouth on his throbbing cock. Her accommodating sweet pussy is used when Master hangs her on the rack and treats himself to a good pounding into her defenseless quim. Master uses her pussy, fucking and spanking it in various positions till he is near a carnal explosion, then chains her spread open on her knees and relieves himself in her succulent gaping mouth and pouting lips.

The experience has left her quivering and swooning, hoping Master will come back for more of her!

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The devil wears latex!

This is the story of a sex crazed maid who just couldn’t keep her fingers off her crotch and gets a little punishment from her boss who caught her in the act of strumming her horny little kitty!

Angel thought she had a few minutes to herself as her fiery redheaded boss Kety was supposed to be away for the weekend. Little did Angel know, her boss had already peeped her playing thumbelina with her shaved little twat before, so she camped out to catch her this time!

Dressed in a long red latex coat she spies the horny little maid for awhile and then makes her move. Angel doesn’t have a chance as she sneaks up and grabs her by the hair with one hand then dives in for a good pinch of her tender pussy lips.

After a good scolding she ties a rope around her neck and humiliates her by dragging her around on all fours in the garden. Angel makes a pretty darn tasty pet, I wouldn’t mind one of those of my own! By now Kety’s intentions are clear as she has unbuttoned her red coat revealing her scrumptious tits and red panties. She ties her victim to a tree equipped with hooks and chains and there is no escape for the slave girl.

Kety sinks her teeth into those mouthwatering B cups, and leaves some teeth marks on her nipples. Some pussy gaping ensues revealing a really nice clean shaved twat on Angel, but Kety is just warming her up for what she’s about to stuff inside her. She pulls out a really long glass dildo that she crams in her mouth to moisten then precedes to stuff it deep in her cooch! Gives her a nice taste of her cream by once again cramming it down her throat, and then back down south again right into her butt hole!

For a little extra satisfaction she ties the instrument of pain and pleasure to a rope around her neck and leaves it hanging out of her ass!! Talk about disciplinary action!

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Fountain of Linet’s vermouth!

You ever come upon a girl that’s so darn good looking you think to yourself “Damn, I would totally let her piss in my mouth, and then gargle with it!

Well, exotic Czech babe Linet with her piercing green eyes, long dreamy legs and honey pot puss you just want to lick for hours brings out exactly those sentiments for us in this series of HD piss shots!

Clad in her new cornroll hair-do, thigh high leather boots and stylistic Gothic top that has perfect holes for tittie protrusion, she grabs a hold of her pisser and gives us an eye full! Or Should I say, a hot mouth full of her sweet golden liquid that she is able to aim with just a flick of her fingers.

Our camera guys are pretty darn daring too! These shots look like someone must have gotten a little drizzle on them, but then again, perhaps that was intentional!

To me it seems like she is practically squatting on my face and using my tongue as toilet paper! When she’s done with the ole fountain of vermouth, She grabs a bottle of Czech Boons, takes a swig and spits it out on her tatas and watches it roll straight down to her thirsty cooter. That’s one way of wettin it down!

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Beauty punished with a pounding!

Choky Ice and Debbie White: A night in the sexual stocks!

Oh man, Debbie has been a bad girl, and she’s about to get pounded and punished, every which way but good!

In the olden days, a convicted thief was often sentenced to a torturous ordeal. For her misdeeds, Debbie is given a night in the stocks as punishment. The executioner is delighted to have this stunning beauty in his custody.

Unfortunately for Debbie, he has more in mind for her than the judge’s sentence. He indulges himself in some playful and painful antics with her shapely smooth sizzling hot body. After being stripped and tied in the stocks the poor girl is made to endure a flogging as the executioner delights over her full round succulent ass cheeks. His next procedure has her pert shapely breasts mauled, pinched and clamped.

The thrill of her squirms and cries induce him to plunge into her helplessly stretched and gaping cunt for the second time. He satisfies his lust for the attractive prisoner by taking full advantage of her succulent mouth and delectable pussy.

When he is finished, she has been well fucked and abused. Debbie is left tied to a table spread open and tasting his cum dabbled across her face, for the rest of the night.

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