Sahara meets Dr. Demento

“Come into my examination room my dear its time to have a little fun with you.”

Sahara is an unfortunate patient of Doctor Demento. To her horror he begins her session with a tour of the equipment to be used on her. Sahara is a bit resistant and must be restrained to the examination table.

Doctor Demento begins with a breast examination that includes stimulating the poor girls nipples with clamps. Sahara‘s examination also includes an oral inspection with the Doctor’s all beef thermometer, followed by a vaginal and anal inspection with the insertion of a speculum. When the diabolical doctor samples her pussy with his stiff cock, the reluctant and restrained damsel is a bit resistant and uncooperative.

The evil Doctor solves the problem with an injection of spanish fly serum from a needle and syringe into one of her velvety smooth nether globes. To her surprise and the Doctor’s expectation, the serum works and Sahara is soon fucking like a champ when the Doctor takes her from behind, and fills her ass crack with his hot syrupy cum!

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Dominatrix spank session [Part 1]

Ever dream of being spanked by a fiery redheaded fox? Well for Adriana this dream became a reality when she decided to join her friend Kety one afternoon for some role-play action.

Little did she know that her sexy friend was a dominatrix specializing in paddling that ass till it purrs! With her slave well secured in iron chains Kety toys and tantalizes her with licks and bites all over her latex bikini clad body. Pinching and squeezing her nipples. Cupping her ass and gaping it open as she kneels in her leather high heeled boots. Then she pulls out her big wooden paddle and grabs the submissive subject by her hair and smacks that ass up till its beat red!

As Adriana whimpers in moans of joy and pain Kety pulls her hair harder and drives the paddle home right onto her rear!

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Blond beauty disobeys her master and gets twat trimming

A clean smooth pussy is what her master expects. When he finds Lillian with stubble’s instead of a clean shave it’s a bad time for this blond beauty.

For this transgression from her master’s instructions, she gets 30 whacks with the paddle in front of the mirror, and must count them all off. With a slightly sore bottom, Liliane is told to clean herself up, inside and out. She lathers up her pussy and shaves it smooth then douches herself.

Without hesitation, she grasps a replica of her master’s big black cock and works herself to a satisfying orgasm. That little paddling must have really turned her on!! Now she is ready for him.

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Nick Lang tames 2 beauties in cat role play [Part 2]

Welcome back to the 2nd part of Nick Lang and his 2 beauties enjoying cat role play!

When last we left off one of the kitties was being rebellious and shot her milk right out of her sphincter!

Well, Nick teaches her a lesson by gaping her asshole and pulling her buttplug aka cat tail in and out a few times. She actually purrs with enjoyment and signals to the other cat girl to be submissive and both start working his meat stick with their tongues.

Nick is getting real turned on by now and commands the cat girl to sit on his face so can munch out on her tasty twat and bury his tongue in her asshole. The other cat girl assists him, and fucks her with a pink strap on dildo while he thrashes her clit with his mouth.

The action is non-stop as the three get into a huge fuck fest with double penetration and a climax ending with both cat girls getting a huge load of cum squirted all over their pretty little mouths!

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Nick Lang tames 2 beauties in cat role play [Part 1]

Nick Lang has a unique breed of cat living in his own home pet clinic.

He’s always been a fan of the cat , and the kitty, the latter referring to that lovely body part on a women that purrs when you touch it.

Lucky for him he found out that two of his girlfriends, Kathia Nobili and Liz, both have a distinct set of fetishes. They enjoy latex, leather, dressing like sexy cats, domination and being enslaved! What a jackpot for nick as these vivacious vixens love for him to cage them up, and they wouldn’t be cats without a tail!

That’s where the anal insertion comes in handy. Butt plug with a tassel makes a perfect tail!

Today one of the cat girls needed her vitamin D, but refused to drink, so after a trying to coax her with a vigorous pussy licking of her sweetly trimmed twat, it was time to force this upon her. Nick restrains the naughty kitty and fondles her clit while the other kitty sticks a syringe up her ass and shoots a nice stream of milk in there.

Ahhhh, but the kitty is rebellious and sprays the milk back out!

Oh, what’s going to happen to kitty now! To be continued…

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Maya gets zen while pissing in a bowl!

This little blond tart is standing in an Asian decor bedroom,gearing up to let her liquids loose!

She shows us her prowess for pissing the old fashioned way by stooping over a colorful glass bowl and letting out a series of short bursts and gushes.

Her aim finds the mark for most of her golden liquid, with only a few drops overshooting the bowls crystal rim.

For those with a pissing fetish this tattooed vixen makes this a remarkable venture!

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Eufrat is Spanked by Thierry for being a naughty girl

Hey there, it’s me Eufrat and I’ve been so naughty. I’m being punished by my husband because he caught me watching some porn and masturbating while he was away. He had a spy camera and when he returned from home he was furious. I was watching humiliation porn, so he decided that I must like it!

When I was sleeping he had a man all in black tie me up and take me to the garden. He was wearing a really ugly max, but it turned me on and I hope that he was going to shag me as punishment. He led me out to the garden where I was tied to a wooden set of beams and elevated.

From that point on, I was spanked on my ass repeatedly, until it was shades of red and purple. Everyone once and awhile he pulled my hair and spanked me harder.

It hurt so bad, but the shame turned me on and my pussy was so wet from it that the juices were running down my leg. Unfortunately, there was no penetration for me , since I was a bad girl.

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Aria and Carmen in Domination role play

Well hey there! This is Carmen Croft and I want to welcome you back into my sexually charged erotic world.

Come watch as I slip a little something into my girlfriend Aria‘s morning tea and have my way with her!

The previous night we were out at at a bondage and domination party and the little slut went off with another green eyed brunette. I wanted to snack on her trimmed treasure trove all night and missed the opportunity, so I invited her over for morning tea.

Unbeknownst to her I slipped a tranquilizer in there and proceeded to tie her to the chair with bondage gear and enjoy my little fetish. I put a mask on her to get me back into last nights mood…

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Hot MILF Sheila Grant DP’s herself in the stairwell

I’m such a naughty naughty girl. Today I was having this fantasy that my bald pussy was being fucked in the stairwell of my home.

Actually, it was a really bad fantasy, where two men come into my home, unwelcomed and double penetrate me! I just so happened to be dressed in my stockings, heels, and black latex outfit and the thought of it got my natural tits all flushed, and my nipples became sensitive so I had to play.

I pulled out my big black dildo and butt plug, and started feeding my tight shaved twat all over the stairwell. Gosh, I sure needed that!

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