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Mistress Katy Caro has two chocolate slaves to amuse her, so she strips naked & uses their thick cocks to stimulate every hole in her body.

With tough commands and a threat from the whip her two chocolate pops perform their duties with enthusiasm and aggression, which she the mistress effectively curtails.,0,0,0,8941

She loves to pull and yank on their cocks as she feed herself with first one gleaming hard sucker pop then other. At her command they work in synchronized unison to stuff her pussy and asshole at one time. She swoons at the pleasures this double penetration brings her.

When they are allowed to come, it’s at her command and by her hand one into her mouth and the second in her pussy. Extremely erotic and very TABOO.

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These two playmates are hard lover and enjoy some good hot action with each other.

During one such encounter Zafira‘s bladder begins to tingle just when Laura was about to treat herself to tasting munching.

Zafira surprises her friend by letting a hot golden stream rip from her pussy and cascade across Laura’s smooth succulent breasts and chest.

Laura lends a helping hand to hold Zafira’s pussy lips apart so her hot juice could flow unimpeded onto the front of her body.

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Beautiful blonde Kimberly goes to see Dr Lang for a full check up, however what she gets is more like a full anal work out.

After Dr Lang has finished checking all her orifices he is unsure what to prescribe.

He ponders the matter for a moment before realizing that all this girl needs is a good, hard, shafting in her ass.

He whips his cock out, having opened her ass up already with a thermometer and his gloved fingers, and starts plumbing the depths of her bowels.

She is soon leaving the surgery with a smile as her anal sexual frustration has been cured.

When will she go to see Dr Lang again though?

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Veronica da Souza with her round ass may have been away, but she hasn’t lost any of her appetite for some sexy time with a vibrator.

With the kind of figure that was made for a real man, she is no stick insect, but certainly a sex object.

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Young kinky babes Luisa de Marco & Renata G in hot latexwear

Doggie playtime for Luisa, Renata and Roxie all spread out on the wooden hallway floor.

You will quickly notice that Luisa and Renata are a somewhat different breed of doggie than Roxie. The former two are long and slender with wavy manes of flowing hair. Their breed is characterized by rather large round mammary glands that protrude several inches beyond their neck and stomach. Slender waists lead to a curving round backside and long sinuous legs. They are typically covered with a smooth tan skin accented with soft fuzzy hair.

Roxie on the other hand is rather squat and square looking, and is covered head to toe by a curly grey matt of hair.

Luisa and Renata are high-strung specimens that frequently need to be kept restrained and muzzled. Even muzzled as they are, you will notice their tendency to poke and jab at each other’s sensitive parts.

Often they are tethered together by their genitals, which has a tendency to quieten them down to slow rhythmic motions and soft groans. Roxie is frequently perplexed by his playmates actions but usually tends to ignore their antics content with rest and relaxation.

Notice how cute they are as they pose for a group photograph. Watch them play.

Note that this scene doesn’t contain bestiality – the dog is purely passive!

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Here we have Sandra and Thalia lounging around the bedroom, both harboring a mischievous mood.

“Lets play nurse,” pipes up Sandra. Without hesitation Thalia jumps out of the bed and returns with a big grin and a tray full of deviously tempting implements.

“Ok let me oil you up,” offers Sandra. Wielding a brush and a bowl of baby oil, she brushes and lathers it into Thalia’s nether holes leaving them slippery and gleaming.

Thalia returns the favor and makes ready for some fascinating probing. Each girl takes their turn in having their assholes expanded with a speculum and then inspected with a flashlight to insure all is clean and well groomed.

After a good look at each other’s innards, Sandra rolls back to give Thalia another look. This time Thalia really cranks her open and peers into the deep dark labyrinth of Sandra’s rectal chamber. A little more oil and lube makes Sandra’s asshole ready for the ultimate plunge.

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