Benn Kelly and Aletta Ocean: WORKOUT MOTIVATION (Part 1)

Sexy Aletta gets spanked, fucked and whipped by her trainer Aletta’s fitness instructor employs a novel but effective method of getting the most out of her workout sessions. She arrives ready for her session that begins with some calisthenics and boxing work. Benn soon begins to apply some encouragement with the palm of his hand. As the session wears on fatigue begins to effect Aletta’s performance in spite of the progressively stronger application of Benn’s hand against her posteriors.

Sexy Aletta gets spanked, fucked and whipped by her trainerBenn raises the motivation level by utilizing a leather paddle instead of his hand, making Aletta raise to new levels of endurance. After her weight lifting routine, she is left with a tender bare bottom. The first part of her workout concludes with some aerobic jogging outside the gym.

Benn keeps her naked bottom bouncing along with the use of a flogger lashing her smooth round buttocks as she tries to keep up the jogging pace.

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Hanna Hilton: RUBBER BATH

Hot Porn Star Hanna Hilton in a tight fitting latex outfit The polished black rubber clings to Hanna from head to toe. The white accents balance with the ivory white exposed skin of her round posteriors, hood framed face and silky shaven pussy. She lowers the front zipper to reveal a set of gorgeous full plumb natural breasts.

Hot Porn Star Hanna Hilton in a tight fitting latex outfitHanna enters the tub and hoses down her black skin . The water bounces, splashes and glistens on the shinny latex, running over her breasts nipples and through her pussy. She finishes with a good douching using the water stream. It bubbling into and out of her spread love lips. When she stands to dry off the water streaks across the latex, running in tiny rivers to the tub below.

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These babes piss through their pantyhose & on each other Zuzana takes a nice warm piss inside her pantyhose getting that warm wet bottom sensation. Just to tease here friend she lets the steamy amber stream dribble over her friends shoes and over the floor.

Stimulated by the exciting spectacle and a little help from Zuzana’s tongue, Maya adds her own does of nectar to the spreading puddle. Both girls have a great pissing time.

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