Crystal Crown & Titus Steel: MY HUSBANDS LOVING HAND

Sexy Crystal Crown is spanked and caned then sucks dick Her bath is interrupted with the command to stand barked as he enters the room. He begins with a slow but firm hand slapping to her protruding posteriors as she bends in the tub. Soon the velocity increases and her yelps and cries are elevated when his hand is replaced with the carpet beater. His senses are heightened from the warm feel and glow of his wife’s nether globes.

Sexy Crystal Crown is spanked and caned then sucks dickHe uses her mouth plunging his rigid cock into her with force and intensity. Then he takes her pain further. Standing her in a corner he brings her bottom from pink to reddish purple with the hard application of his hand.
Then leaves her to contemplate the cane. She is crying and pleading to be let off from a canning when he returns. He uses her mouth again leaving a deposit to dribble down her throat and chin. Then, when he is satisfied, it’s the cane. She whimpers and shivers from the very touch of it. But in spite of her pleadings he marks her bottom with a dozen gentle welts.

Lucy Belle and C.J.: GROVEL AT MY FEET

Mistress Lucy gets foot worship & pours hot wax on her slave The Mistress is in complete control of her pet, leading the docile puppy around on a leash, down on her hands and knees. A gentle tug on her collar brings puppy’s head between Lucy’s smooth open thighs to lap and lick her Mistress into aroused state of mischief. She slaps and taunts her pet then ties her spread wide to the bed and teases her pussy just enough to heighten her senses.

Mistress Lucy gets foot worship & pours hot wax on her slaveLucy then turns her attentions to puppy’s hind legs, binding her feet together. A few slaps of the whip’s handle on her delicate soles is followed by a dowsing of hot molten candle wax. Puppy squirms and whimpers trying to avoid the wax cascading over her feet and toes. Soon, her Mistress removes the solid wax by beating it off with the handle of the whip eliciting more sobs from puppy. After she is roughly fed from her doggy bowl, puppy is taken for a short walk then affectionately put to rest, her head nuzzled in her Mistresses’ breasts.

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Lea Lexis and Indira: Dr. LUSH’S CLINIC; INDIRA’S EXAM

Naughty Doctor Lea examines and probes Indira's tits and ass The tall dark and seductive patient comes into the clinic for a pelvic problem. Doctor Lush is immediately taken with the raven-haired beauty. After a few questions the shy and embarrassed Indira is stripped and ready for her exam. The Doctor probes, prods and opens up every hole with more than a clinical interest. Indira is flustered and apprehensive about the Doctor’s open manner in handling her body. She tries in vain to keep herself less exposed. But she is mortified after the Doctor extracts an unexpected item from her pussy.

Naughty Doctor Lea examines and probes Indira's tits and assNext, Doctor Lush has a good look at the girl’s full rounded bottom and lovely pucker-hole. The latter of which feels the cold intrusion of a rectal thermometer and anal speculum. When the Doctor is satisfied that her darling patient is feeling much better, she turns her attentions to Indira’s emotional well being. Her legs are spread with her feet in the stirrups, exposing her now wet and lubricated love button. The Doctor massages and fingers her to a satisfaction that puts a smile on the girl’s face and calms her anxieties.

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Latex clad babe Merilyn shows her huge F cup boobs to youHuge tits stuffed into shinny black PVC, ready to burst out. They finally do when Marilyn lets them loose to explode in a screen filling cascade of mammary flesh. She squeezes and pulls hand size areolas into unreal dimensions. Later she slides and slithers out of her black PVC skirt to reveal a gorgeous ass proportioned just right to match those huge orbs above. It’s her ass that starts an auto-spanking scene as she slaps a pink glow into her nether cheeks.

Latex clad babe Merilyn shows her huge F cup boobs to youThat fun gravitates to those wallowing beasts and then settles on a puffy protruding set of pussy lips. She slaps away as her fingers dig in deep and pull at a magnificent clitoris of matching dimensions.