See sexy Alexis masturbate with a dildo whilst bound Tidying up the play space waiting for your mistress and lover to arrive. Alexis checks out all the toys and instruments arranged on the table, knowing they will be used on her. The chain that tethers her allows her limited movement in a place of her welcomed captivity. She cringes as she handles a pair strong sharp nipple clamps. Her attentions gradually wonder to the open book on the floor at the limit of her chain.

See sexy Alexis masturbate with a dildo whilst boundShe begins to read the erotic words about a submissive girl devoted and faithful as herself to her Mistress. The enticing story stimulates her libido and a warm sensual feeling builds in her bosom and trickles down to her open and ready sex. The dildos lying near her reach offer a welcomed alternative to her own fingers. She employs one plunging it into her swollen and wet lips to bring herself towards an un-permissible orgasm.


Nika and Louisa: SERVING HER MISTRESS The tall sultry blond struts into the room adorned in a shimming black corset. She stands before her slave towering over her with an apathetic look. Louisa adores her Mistress and is elated to be at her beck a call servicing her body with loving oral adulations. Mistress Nika uses her mouth first in front then behind to soothe, pamper and cleanse both succulent orifices of her lower body.

Louisa & Nika in strap-on dildo lesbian dom sub sex actionLouisa’s soft round behind protrudes from her rubber skin leaving it exposed and open to her Mistress’s attentions. These are thrust upon her in the form of probes and slaps to her blushing bottom. Mistress Nika climbs into a strap-on dildo with Louisa’s assistance, then pounds away at her open and drooling quim. Their mouths and bodies meet to rub and slither in the remaining rubber, clinging to their flesh.


Anna Song In a darkened dungeon room, Anna stands at attention waiting his command. She is a slave to his will and in spite of the discomfort and humiliation she feels follow his every word. Do whatever he asks. With cuffed hands she must play with her body. He pays particular attention to her large globular breasts swaying a quarter of an hour in front of her. He tells her to squeeze and pull them. Maul them till they ach. She does so without question or hesitation.

Anna SongHer hands dig deep into her soft petals into her inner self, working in and out interrupted only by manipulations of her love button. At his command he spanks and slaps herself digging a finger deep into her backside as he demands. The marks on her sweet round radiant cheeks tell of her dedication. She works herself to frenzy. Her nerves are raw and she shudders with each touch. But he denies her a final satisfaction. For that pleasure she must wait and whimper till it pleases him to let her come.

Valentina and Steve Q: PISS SHOWER

Kneeling before her master, Valentina is poised for a sprinkling from Steveís bulging cock. He emits a stream of warm golden piss onto Valentina, drenching her full round breasts and cascading down across her flat firm belly. He targets her fully thatched pussy aiming the stream to give it a good soaking.

Valentina Rossini pissingWhen he is finished, Valentina takes a turn by squatting back and releasing a long arching stream of her own nectar. Itís a short but strong release that lands on the floor to mingle with the puddle left by Steve.

Domina and Lolly Cat: HER FIRST CANING

Lolly Cat is about to be punished Lolly Cat, a slave in training, is about to learn the delights and demise of pissing off her Mistress. Wielding a whipping thin implement, she bends the girlís naked body over a desk and applies a good dose of the cane to the poor her virgin white posteriors. The marks and weals soon appear amidst cries and whimpers emitted from the surprised girl. She bounces and squirms but stays in position as her Mistress has commanded.

Mistress Domina pounds Lolly Cat's pussyAfter a dozen or so strokes Mistress Domina selects a hardy tawse to brighten up the white sections of her slaves marked behind. The addition of the tawse smacking her already sore behind, cause a new level of cries and squirms from the poor girl. When she has delivered enough punishment, Mistress Domina treats her new pet with a pussy pounding at the end of her strap of dildo.

Pink Pussy and Bob Terminator: PISS PLAY

Pink Pussy pissing And pink it is, just look at the close ups in the slow motion video segment. She mounts herself on Bobís knees in an open squat position and lets a golden stream go. The spurts and sputters of her hot piss arch up and splash into a puddle on the floor below. Between her protruding urethra and the floor is Bobís dangling rigid cock, which bobs about as the spurts of piss hit it and splatter about.

Pink Pussy pissingWhen she is finished, Pink Pussy dismounts and cleans Bobís piss soaked cock with a luxurious blowjob. She brings Bob to an orgasm that delivers a mouth full of jism from her piss mate.

Ruka Stone & Virginee: PONY BOY

Ruka Stone & Virginee: PONY BOY Mistress is encased in a succulent leather cat suite mounted on top of a devoted slave. She rides her pony around the room then has him clean up her boots with a tongue protruding through a full head mask. With his head down and ass up a liberal dose of the crop is used on him as his tongue laps and licks. Having done such a good job on her boots. Mistress turns his tongue to attend to first her pussy then her ass, as she instructs him to clean and massage both orifices. The pony boy is laid back prone with only his cock protruding from shimmering black latex encased body. Mistress enjoys his exposed cock for her own delight while her boy toy lies still in servitude.

Ruka Stone & Virginee: PONY BOY Mistress continues her pleasures with her Pony Boy. His cock is erect and hard as iron. She lays him out prone on his back so it protrudes even further. He is instructed to moisten her pussy with his tongue as she grinds her ass into his masked face. Mistress is ready to ride and mounts her Ponyís up-thrust cock first forward then back bouncing with pleasure. When she is has had enough she employs her Ponyís tongue to finish the job with a thorough pussy swabbing that bring Mistress to a shuddering orgasm.

Valentina and Steve Q: MY LOVE, MY SLAVE

Valentina Valentina is summoned to attend to her lover and master. She enters crawling to his beckoning commands. She wears a frilly short mini dress that leave nothing to be imagined and offer complete access especially to her full round alabaster buttocks. Steve intends to put his bride through some paces paying particular attention to warming that blossoming bottom he so adores. Valentina pays plenty of attention to Steve’s engorged cock, languishing kisses upon it and sucking as passionately as she can before his next command. She endures the stinging applications of belt and flogger interspersed with an array of hand slaps knowing full well the pains and pleasures will end in a glorious orgasm for both of them.