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Latex Lucy & Angelica Heart: Her Life as a Pet [Part 2]

We return you to the bizarre future scenario when humans choose to live as pets…with Latex Lucy as the human kitty and Angelica Heart as her mistress! Things seem calm for the moment, now that Lucy has been disciplined for disobeying in last week’s installment…and indeed, we learn one of the advantages of being both a pet and a human is that you get to eat pussy when the mistress demands it! Lucy savors her owner’s snatch, and then is rewarded by being fondled through her catsuit and then face-sat!

Judging by how pretty Angelica’s peach looks, she must have lots of willing candidates for service underneath her…she writhes on top of her pet. But then she reciprocates, spitting on Lucy’s labia through the crotch hole in the catsuit and licking away as they indulge in a bit of sixty-nine. But what has Angelica in mind next? She feeds Lucy some champagne from an obscenely pink bottle…feeds her mouth, and then feeds her pussy! Lucy squats over the bottle while she continues to lick her mistress, and then she leans back and gets filled to the gushing brim with champagne, so much so that it pours out of her pussy all over the floor!

Angelica sits on Lucy’s back and keeps fucking her with the bottle, and then pours the libation from a glass all over her quim as Lucy licks it up. Lucy has been a good kitty, and Angelica pets her as the scene comes to a close…say, this life as a human pet can be pretty good!!

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Latex Lucy & Angelica Heart: Her Life as a Pet [Part 1]

In the future, people will be freer to be themselves–even if that means living like pets instead of humans. We bring this scenario to life with Latex Lucy in the role of the kitten and Angelica Heart as her mistress.

Relaxing on a couch, all seems well with the world as Lucy nestles like a happy feline in the lap of her owner. Lucy wears a white latex catsuit complete with little pink ears. They play games with each other; Lucy kneels on the couch and bends her “paws” obediently for her mistress; but one of the advantages of having a human kitten is the mistress can French kiss her, too! To reward her pet for being good, Angelica gives her a dish of milk on the floor; unfortunately, like animal pets sometimes, Lucy gets a little sloppy with her drinking and splashes milk on the hardwood floor.

Mistress Angelica wants her to lick it up, but Lucy balks–perhaps not fully accepting of all the responsibilities of being a pet. She doesn’t want to lick the floor, and Angelica can’t force her, so instead the mistress knows she must apply discipline so that her pet will obey in the future. Over Angelica‘s knee goes the white-latex-sheathed kitty, for a spanking Lucy will never forget! How beautiful her derriere looks encased in the taut material; you can just imagine how hot her bottom is inside as she gets smacked on her seat over and over by her stern, beautiful mistress. Lucy‘s cheeks get warmed in various positions until Angelica feels the lesson may have been learned, and then she gets Lucy back on the floor to lick up that milky mess.

This time, Lucy complies, as she moves into a higher stage of her life as a pet…but be here next week to see what else she must do to please her mistress!

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The Devil’s detachable tail!

Either Halloween is coming early here at DDF or we just inherited a smoking hot She-Devil!

Wait till you get a load of this scorching set by Angelica Heart in her latex tape outfit that barely covers anything, just the way we like it!

Everything about her exudes eroticism, and she really takes it to the next level with her shiny red buttplug devil tail!

From her stunning blue peepers to her long silken crimson red locks, she is a human ball buster in the best way. Getting ultra kinky in this scene though!

Her buttplug is good and tight inside her sphincter and she pulls out a super massaging vibrator and tickles her taut, trimmed, tanned pussy until she needs to piss!

Yep, even the devil needs to take a leak every once and awhile!

She even has her own bed pan where X marks the spot! When a devil is blinded with lust the butthole tail guides her to her little tray, but unfortunately sometimes the tail gets tinkled on.

Well Ms. Angelica, no worries there, I’m sure you have plenty of volunteers to lick both that tail and your cooter nice and clean!

Dirty little devil, somebody needs to stick her with their poker. Me, me, me, me!

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